Omni Theme LLC Policies

Return / Cancellation Policy

There shall be no refunds or cancellations once a single download attempt has been made. We track each and every transaction thoroughly, and can see details of each transaction such as number of downloads, transaction numbers, etc. The only instance when a return will be acceptable is when our administrative panel shows zero downloads after a purchase.

Shipping Policy

All of our products are shipped to you electronically. You will receive an email with a link to your theme’s download location. You are limited to 5 attempts, after which the link will expire. Again, we have records of the number of times a download has been attempted, as well as other transaction related information.

Privacy Policy

We collect personal and non-identifying information. The personal information that we collect may be used for marketing purposes, and you do have the option to opt-out during the purchase process. Should you choose not to provide a personally identifiable email address, you will not receive marketing from us. We will not sell your information.


Your use of this website or download of a theme constitutes your agreement to hold harmless Omni Theme LLC for any and all damages that may be caused to your website, host, domain, content, database, or anything other ailment that may be caused by the use of the Omnitheme product.

Copyright and Trademark of Intellectual Property Owned by Omni Theme LLC

Omni Theme LLC and all of it’s products are copyrighted. You may not copy any source code, graphics, stylesheets, or theme files for the purpose of sale, or use of a larger product. Should you sell our copyrighted intellectual property, we reserve the right to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. However, you are allowed to customize the Omnitheme code for personal use.

All Rights Reserved by Omni Theme LLC

We reserve the right to change any and all of these policies without prior notification. The use of this website acts as your acceptance of this term.