Omni Theme FAQS

Are the Omni Themes WordPress 2.6 compatible?

All Omni Themes are currently operating on WordPress 2.6 and all purchased themes will receive free support and/or downloads to upgraded versions if the theme ever needs to be altered to work seamlessly with a future version of WordPress.

Why should I purchase any of the Omni Themes?

The Omni Themes are user friendly, customizable themes that are ideal solutions for MySpace or Facebook users looking for their own website or blog with a more professional and custom look.

Omni themes are also great for small businesses, organizations or anyone looking to create a professional web presence while still using the ease and flexibility of WordPress. Custom themes and websites can easily cost you more than $1000, so the introductory rate of $79.99 is a steal. For developers, the Multiple-Use package which is priced at $299.95 will easily save you time and money.

Can I hire you to customize these themes?

Absolutely. Since my team and I wrote the code for the themes, it’s very easy for us to customize it for a user.

My support team is also more than happy to help guide you through installation and make any initial changes. Please check out my support forum for more information on installation and video tutorials. Design customization is $95/hour. Typically most changes and customizations would take less than one hour.

What’s included when I purchase the theme?

When you purchase any of my Omni Themes, you will receive the theme immediately via zip file download. You will also receive a great plugin list, unlimited access to theme support, theme tutorials and free future upgrades to the themes.

Do I need to know a lot of CSS or PHP coding to get this theme to work?

Not at all. If you upload and activate the theme, it will work without any issues. There are some spots that have hardcoded text, and the intention with that is for you to easily customize your site. The tutorials section in the support forum will also help walk you through simple ways to take it to the next level. These themes were set up for you to easily change colors, fonts, logos and pretty much anything on the site to help differentiate it from others and give it that completely custom look.

Do all of the Omni Themes validate with XHTML?

Yes they do – All Omni Themes pass validation with the WC3 Markup Validation Service. I wouldn’t release the themes otherwise. Obviously if you add custom code after you download that doesn’t validate, you will have to take care of that yourself, but the themes all validate when you download them.

Can I modify the theme any way I want?

Yes, all of Omni Themes were created for some sort of custom development – this means that colors, fonts, layouts and anything else related to the design of the theme can be changed. You may use it in any fashion that fits your needs. You may also remove or change the footer credits to reflect whatever you want. It’s your theme so you may do what you please with it although I do appreciate you leaving the Omni Theme logo in the footer so you can show off where you got your great new theme.

Can I use this theme for work that I do for clients?

With the purchase of the Multiple-Use Developers Package, yes you may. I realize that developers are busy, and need ways to turn work over quickly. One of the primary reasons I created this theme was to offer a solution for online bloggers or small businesses using WordPress. So if you purchase the Multiple-Use Developers Package, you can definitely use this as many times as you want to develop for your clients. You may also remove or change the footer credits for your clients to reflect whatever they want. It’s their theme so they may do what they please with it although I do appreciate you leaving the Omni Theme logo in the footer so you can show off where you got your great new theme.

Can I resell this theme in any way?

You are not allowed to resell any of the Omni Themes in any way, shape or form. The Omni Themes are designed to be used once for those who purchase the Personal-Use Package and for multiple use on sites for those who purchase the Multiple-Use Package. Developers may use the themes as a base to create sites that you develop for your clients, but selling the themes outright is prohibited, protected and will be legally enforced.

Note: All purchases are final after you’ve downloaded the theme and will show up as Omni Theme, LLC. on your bank or credit card statements.