About Omni Theme

WordPress has quickly become the leading platform for online blogging with it’s easy to use interface and powerful, community driven, open source platform.

With millions of people now turning to blogs for their news and entertainment there’s no better time to take advantage of this phenomenon and help promote a product that is expanding the possibilities of the incredibly powerful platform.

WordPress is offered as a free download, a famous 5 minute installation and currently has a collection of thousands of free templates or themes as they’re called in the WordPress community, but the problem or for a better word complaint has been most of these themes are rather generic in look and aren’t always supported by their developer.

I along with a few other top developers have decided to “expand the possibilities of WordPress” and introduce what are called “Premium WordPress Themes” that allow users to use their WordPress theme more as a content management system than just a simple blogging tool. In the process of that we’ve created full blown websites using WordPress and have started to change the idea of what a blog truly is or looks like.

Many bloggers are now starting to take advantage of this and change over to WordPress, purchase a premium theme and then modify it to their own brand and look. This is not only happening by smaller bloggers, but many well known media sources and online retailers such as CNN, The New York Times, Ebay and others. Even large media companies are now seeing the powerful platform WordPress was created on and most importantly the ease of use for it’s users.

Omni Theme was created with this in mind and allows novices or seasoned veterans to easily start a professional website or blog, modify it and make it their own. Omni Theme allows users to easily change colors, fonts, backgrounds, logos and more.

So if you’re interested in expanding the possibilities of WordPress, purchase the Omni WordPress Theme now.