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April 5th 2008 | 7 Comments | respond

Omni Theme Black is a black and light gray based WordPress theme that is great for MySpace or Facebook users that are looking for their own website or blog with a more professional and custom look.

Omni Theme Black was created as a fun, website styled WordPress theme with a magazine styled home page and social networking section to keep your friends up to date with where else you are on the web.

Omni themes are also great for small businesses, organizations or anyone looking to create a professional web presence while still using the ease and flexibility of WordPress.

All Omni Themes are xhtml compliant, completely customizable and were created to be extremely easy to change colors, fonts, backgrounds, logos and more. Each theme also comes widget ready, WordPress 2.7 compatible and comes with YouTube and Flickr integration built right in.

See Omni Theme Black Demo.


  1. thanks i will buy it soon

  2. This isn’t traditional wp theme. It’s wonderful!

  3. Michael B.

    awesome themes Bryan. I’d like to purchase one and also hire you to customize. Please do contact me at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you,

  4. Chuck

    Your themes look good however they don’t display properly in IE version 6.0.

    The sidebars have some overlap and the featured video covers the other sidebar. Still needs work!

  5. @Chuck

    The images don’t show up because they’re png images and IE6 which is quite outdated (less than 25% of the world uses it still and it’s market share drops more than 50% year over year for the last 3 years) doesn’t show png images. Apple, Twitter and many other top sites decided “who cares” if IE6 doesn’t show png images as it’s an outdated browser that according to stats will be nearly obsolete by the end of next year.

    I do know about the issue and it’s intentional as I wanted to use a transparent image regardless of what background someone uses.

  6. 25% of users is still a significant number of viewers. ignoring their browsers’ capabilities can prove to be devastating to your web site’s traffic, especially if you have commercial implications.

    There are ways of ensuring proper cross browser com pliancy, but it requires more coding.

    An experienced hand can make these themes IE6 compatible.

    That aside, great work Bryan, love the look of these 🙂

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